Winter in the Kitchen Garden

The cooler weather has brought stunning seasonal changes to Riverdale’s Kitchen Garden. The garden and the grounds are swathed in the fiery hues of Autumn. The crisp mornings, warm days and intermittent light rains still encourage the last of the cherry tomatoes and an abundance of herbs – mint, lemon balm, fennel and rosemary to

Planting Time

As spring’s sun starts to set onto the land the plants are sparkling, bathing in delight. The colourful flowers are showing their heads; leaning into the sun, open wide for pollination. Our bees are buzzing about all excited, creating a soft hum in the gardens. The chickens are laying eggs regularly now and some are

How big can a zucchini get?

Have you ever noticed that all zucchini’s that you buy at the supermarket are always the same size? I began to think that zucchini’s naturally grow to this size and then stop! However, when you grow them yourself, it’s surprising how large they can get! They don’t stop growing! We have found some astonishingly large